Technology Assessment for Products and Applications

Are you building intelligence in your products and applications? If so, very likely you will face a dilemma of cognitive technology selection. Success of your product depends on how good is the foundation of the building blocks…

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ESC17_logoPifocal presents research findings at Embedded System Conference, Minneapolis

Learn how API’s from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google perform for face related cognition

Cognitive Services for Embedded Systems – Mak Agashe, Vinay Vaidya

Presenter: Mak Agashe

Date: Thursday, Nov.9, 2017. | Time: 8:00 AM

Hall: 102A

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ESC17_logoPifocal presents sensitivity analysis and performance characterization at the Embedded System Conference, Silicon Valley, CA

Learn how the results of the APIs from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google fair in face related cognition
Cognitive Computing Evaluation & Comparison
Authors: Mak Agashe, Vinay Vaidya
Presenter: Vinay Vaidya, Ph.D.
Date: Wednesday, December 6 | Time: 2:00pm – 2:45pm | Location: 210DH
Conference Tracks: Connected Devices and the Internet of Things (IOT) & Advanced Technologies

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Customer’s data is the most valuable resource. However, the same data is of no use if it is not properly analyzed. The data is sort of like the human genome. Some choose to let their mind get boggled, some look at it with a big awe, while others choose to find the complete sequence and start using it for finding new pathways. We believe that the secret lies in finding the key to unlock the chest of jewels.

At Pifocal, we believe that mathematics and cognition give an unprecedented focus to explore business data. This focus has the potential to improvise understanding of the processes, improve efficiency, reduce business risks, enhance decision-making, excel in customer service, and result in a large profitable growth. Our job is to unearth the secrets in your data.