The CEO of Pifocal is Mak Agashe.  Mak’s journey has taken him from an engineer to a corporate leader to an entrepreneur. Mak has a broad and deep understanding of various technologies, products and trends in the computer industry.  He has worked at Microsoft for 19 years in various capacities starting from Software Engineer to General Manager/Partner.   Mak was a key contributor in building many Microsoft products such as Windows Operating Systems, Visual Studio, Bing search engine, and others.  Mak has led complex projects spanning many technologies, with teams of 1300+ people working in multiple continents.  Mak has strong business management experience handling budgets well over $100M at Microsoft.

After leaving Microsoft Mak ran a successful technology consulting business Pramak in Redmond Washington for 5 years.  Mak did advisory consulting and solution development for many companies such as Microsoft, Honeywell, Wipro, HCL, Intel and other smaller companies.  Mak interacted extensively with senior executives in devising and implementing technical strategy to address their business problems.  He and his team built solutions in cloud technology, embedded system, authentication, Windows kernel components and other areas.

Mak loves consulting because he likes to provide highly targeted and optimized solutions to individual customer problems.  He has an intense focus on quality and customer satisfaction in all his work.  Mak has a B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, Masters in Computer Engineering from Dartmouth College, and a Certificate in Machine Learning.  He is on the industrial advisory board for University of Washington’s Center for Sensorimotor and Neural Engineering.