Our Offerings

At Pifocal, we build cognitive systems. There are various types of cognitive systems: some will unlock the insight in your data, some will enable biometric capabilities for advanced security and some will help in pedestrian detection in autonomous vehicles. A cognitive system consists of different types of data (structured, visual, auditory, text) that is analyzed to get new insights that were not possible for previous generation explicitly programmed computer systems. Cognitive systems will help improve efficiency, reduce business risks, enhance decision making, excel in customer service, and result in a very large profitable growth.

Your Benefits

Building a complex cognitive system requires expertise in several parts of the technology stack such as device, application, cloud, and data analytics. Pifocal founders have decades of experience in all these areas. We are comfortable writing device software, cloud infrastructure and machine learning algorithms. We can use conventional techniques such as mathematical modeling for small data, machine learning for moderate amount of data and deep learning when there is vast amount of data. The Pifocal team has advanced experience in mathematics, computer science, image processing, speech processing and other related areas. We have built many cognitive systems in the past that have given immense value to customers. Check out our case studies for more information.