Our Customers

Our customers are from diverse domains. One common thread that binds them is the need for unlocking the hidden secrets. Today, we do not have dearth of data. In fact, the overabundance of data is burying the needles of secrets in a haystack. At Pifocal, we take your data and work with you to deploy cognitive technologies to unearth the secrets. Manufacturing, automotive, and cosmetic industry are some of the examples of our customers.

Manufacturing industry is interested in extracting the causes as well as predicting future defects. Warranty claims are disruptive in managing finances. They often exhibit wild fluctuations from quarter to quarter. Thus, the budget allocation as well as the budget management becomes difficult. We use multiple cognitive methods to give confidence to our customers.

Automotive industry puts emphasis on pedestrian safety. This is one of the problems under the umbrella of the ‘Advanced Driver Safety Systems’. At Pifocal, we use our expertise in cognitive technologies to detect pedestrians.

Cosmetic industry is keen on using cognition technology to provide better skin products as well as enhancing the customer experience. The final objective is to treat every customer as unique and suggest individual specific products.