Image Processing

Businesses in the repair / service sector for Businesses across many sectors are trying to derive insights from images and videos.

They either use cameras for various functions or subscribe to visual information. Pifocal has developed a powerful approach for image analysis that is a combination of data analysis and empirical analysis.

In the manufacturing sector a vision based cognitive solution that does Remember and Analyze can be used to automatically separate defective part from high quality parts.

For the security scenario, our engineers have built authentication solutions using multiple sensors:  camera, microphone and touch.  The solution is a combination of face recognition, fingerprint and voice detection.

Case Studies

Modeling of Data for Tumor Growth and Chemotherapy

Modeling of Data for Tumor Growth and Chemotherapy There is always a struggle between normal cells and foreign bodies inside us. We want to get rid of harmful bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, or anything in the body that hampers the proper functioning of the body. At...

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