Shrikant Joshi

A researcher in Natural Language Technologies, Shrikant Joshi has worked on information & relation extraction, speech-to-text processing and machine translation post-editing. He also has to his credit conceptualization, development and implementation of a crowd-sourcing based system serving the dual purpose of language classroom digitization and translation self-help app with a social media flavor.

Earlier, his career in the software industry has seen him going from the role of QA Engineer to building and mentoring QA teams, while working on a varied range of software from device drivers to securities trading platforms. He has also been instrumental in product conceptualization and development.

In parallel to this career in the software industry, he has considerable experience in academics as a visiting lecturer. He teaches courses in theoretical linguistics and NLP at the Department of Technology, the Department of Foreign Languages at University of Pune and at the Department of Japanese at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. He also serves as a committee member for PhD and MPhil at the Department of Foreign Languages at University of Pune.

Shrikant holds a PhD in Linguistics from Université de Lausanne with doctoral research focusing on the semantics of affixation, its formalization and subsequent computational processing. Prior to that he has a BE in Electronics Engineering and an MA in French from University of Pune.