Terry Lahman

Terry Lahman is Vice President of Sales and Customer Relations at Pifocal. Terry’s career in customer services and product quality reflect his passion for a great customer experience.

Trained in electronics by the US Navy Terry worked as a technical instructor at Litton Data Systems Division before moving to Dataproducts Corporation. Terry spent 11 years at Dataproducts Corporation in a variety of customer service and engineering positions, including teaching customers how to repair products at the component level. Additional roles included writing technical manuals and managing the Technical Publications and Technical Support departments.

With his passion for computer software, Terry moved into engineering at Dataproducts and developed in-house Windows applications and Windows printer device drivers for their line of consumer products.

Advancing his software development skills Terry worked at Three D Graphics for two years. He interfaced directly with customer development teams to debug and fix customer reported software issues on both Windows and Apple Mac. He also provided technical support to developers to assist with their implementation of the Three D Graphics charting library.

Terry spent 17 years working at Microsoft corporation in software quality assurance. Starting as a Software Engineer working on Windows technologies Terry went on to lead and manage the testing of search, remote desktop, print and imaging, web content management, and other Microsoft technologies. Terry focused on the customer experience, solving problems, and driving the quality of the product while working closely with the rest of the product team to make the product cycle as efficient as possible.

After leaving Microsoft Terry started his own business as a Digital Forensics Analyst. He analyzes cell phone and computer storage devices at the lowest levels necessary to support attorneys working on criminal and civil trials. The one-on-one contact with the attorneys as technical expert, explaining complex data in simple terms, that makes the work most rewarding.

Terry is excited to be part of the Pifocal team. Terry leads the sales effort at Pifocal. He is responsible for understanding the unique situation and problems faced by business customers. He proposes strategies, technology solutions to address these problems. Furthermore, he likes to ensure that the customer is very satisfied with the solution after it is implemented and in production.