Dr. Vinay Vaidya

Vinay Vaidya is Managing Director and CTO at Pifocal. Vinay has worked in senior positions at Boeing, Siemens, Fujitsu, and KPIT Cummins ranging from technical fellow, general manager, VP of research, and CTO.

Vinay started his career at Boeing in Seattle as an engineer. He worked on the 747autopilot as well as the 767 engine control. His work involved analyzing flight test data, simulating engine control, designing new flight control systems, flight testing the new systems, conducting failure modes and effects analysis, as well as carrying out accident investigations. Within 15 years out of college, Vinay became the youngest person to receive the highest technical honor as a senior principal scientist.

Vinay’s interests in computer vision and pattern recognition attracted him to work in manufacturing R&D of Boeing Electronics. At Boeing Electronics, he designed, developed, and implemented Boeing’s first paperless manufacturing system called Advanced Assembly, Inspection, and Manufacturing System. For this accomplishment, he was honored as an Associate Technical Fellow.

At Fujitsu, Vinay was responsible for project acquisition, design, development, and delivery of a satellite-imaging project. This project was from the prestigious National Space Development Agency (NASDA) of Japan. The project involved analyzing image data coming from ADEOS II satellite. The customer rated the delivered software as number one in quality as well as functionality.

In Siemens Vinay was responsible for starting a new R&D unit and heading it. Keeping analytics at its core, Vinay developed new solutions, technology, and products. Vinay and his team developed new image enhancement techniques for Siemens’s medical imaging division, a cyber security protection system over the SAP product for defense in Finland, and biometric system for high-end security places. The security products developed by his team have been in the market for over 15 years. Along with his team at Siemens, Vinay developed a unique biometric product with face recognition, speaker identification, and finger print recognition. The product, Intelligent Digital Passport, was acclaimed as a unique product at the 2002 CeBit in Hanover.

At KPIT Cummins, Vinay started a R&D center called the Center for Research in Engineering Sciences and Technology (CREST). He built and led the R&D group to conduct research in image processing to develop many solutions for automotive industry including the driver safety systems. Further, in 2009 Vinay and his team worked in parallel computing and came with a unique product, YUCCA, for converting a sequential code to a parallel code. Under his leadership, employees started doing research, publishing papers, and filing for patents.

The team published over a 100 research papers, and filed for 60 patents. Vinay is a teacher at heart. Four of his students have completed a Ph.D. Additional five are working in deep learning, speech to text processing, image processing, as well as biomedical analytics.

Vinay received his Ph.D. in Image Processing and Pattern Recognition from the University of Washington, Seattle. Prof. R.M. Haralick, one of the founding fathers of image processing, was Vinay’s Ph.D. Advisor.